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We’re championing
Mental Health Awareness

UK Mental Health Awareness Week runs from 10 May 2021 to 16 May 2021 and we’re promoting several events designed to educate, encourage, and support positive mental health. These include short videos from our Mental Health First Aiders, useful and informative webinars, and details about Unmind, our preferred workplace mental health platform.

Our week of mental health wellbeing

Mental Health First Aiders

Our Mental Health First Aid volunteers come from across all our locations and are trained to identify signs of those in need and to offer support should they need further help.

This week, they’ve all recorded personalised messages for their local colleagues offering their top tips and advice for mental health wellbeing.

As Mental Health First Aid volunteer Jevgenija Fedorasko explains:

“If the past year has taught us anything, it’s the importance of mental health and wellbeing. In our busy lives, we must find time for ourselves, whether it’s an hour a day or only 10 minutes. Even the smallest changes to our daily routine can make a huge difference to our mental health but we also mustn’t forget that it’s okay not to be okay.”


We’ve recently provided access to Unmind, a leading mental health wellbeing platform, to all our employees and this week we’re promoting a number of Unmind webinars which look deeply into mental health and how to measure and manage your wellbeing.

Aztec Group’s Head of Reward, Vicky Turvey, is also highlighting to colleagues the clinically backed tools and resources that Unmind has to offer. These include the ability to monitor moods, through to wellbeing tips and resources for better sleep, meditation, yoga and more.


As we begin to reconnect our teams, colleagues and offices, we’re encouraging our teams to meet together where they can do so safely and in line with local COVID-19 regulations and guidance. To promote the benefits the Unmind app brings, and encourage ideas for reconnecting, we’ve sent our colleagues a seed paper flyer with a re-energising theme. Not only is the flyer made from recyclable materials, it can be planted to grow flowers after reading.

What’s next?

The events and initiatives mentioned above are just a small taste of the support in place to promote mental health awareness to our people.

Caring is one of our core values and a vital part of everything we do. We’re a people business and our people live our values in their everyday roles as mentors, leaders, colleagues and friends and through the support they provide each other.

Mental Health awareness is not purely a week-long event, but an everyday imperative and the ongoing wellbeing events and initiatives we run ensure that this awareness remains firmly embedded in our culture.

For more information about Mental Health Awareness Week visit the Mental Health Foundation website.

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