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Depositary Services

Introduced by Eva Devine,
Group Head of Depositary Services

If you’re an alternative investment fund manager undertaking investment activities in the EU, you will likely need to comply with most, if not all, aspects of the AIFM Directive. This includes the requirement to appoint a depositary to oversee the operation of your funds.

Following the implementation of the AIFM Directive, we launched a depositary function tasked solely with providing depositary services, building upon our existing systems and controls. Delivered within a controlled environment, our services support both EU and non-EU managers of both EU and non-EU funds, whether established under the AIFM Directive or other relevant national legislation.


  • Ensuring fund cash is booked in suitable accounts
  • Reconciliation of all fund cash flows
  • Transactional understanding
  • Significant cash flow monitoring
  • Annual procedural review
  • Record keeping
  • Compliance reporting and escalation
  • Ownership and verification of fund assets
  • Sub-custodial monitoring and control
  • Transactional understanding
  • Asset recordkeeping
  • Disposal monitoring
  • Reconciliation of manager and depositary records
  • External asset reconciliations
  • Annual procedural review
  • Compliance reporting and escalation
  • Oversight of subscriptions, redemptions, sales and issuances of fund interests
  • Oversight of valuation and NAV
  • Oversight over calculation of distributable income
  • Monitoring of audit recommendations
  • Monitoring of investment and risk limits
  • Oversight of material changes to fund documents
  • Oversight of fund operations
  • Oversight of compliance reporting and escalation
  • Annual procedural review
  • Investor protection

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