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Advanced Portfolio Services

Introduced by Paul Harrison,
Group Head of Jurisdictions

It’s no secret that alternative investments can be difficult to monitor. Many analytical tools merely scratch the surface, focusing on the overall performance of the fund and relying solely on data provided by the manager.

Developed alongside institutional investor clients, our Advanced Portfolio Service has been designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of all underlying company portfolio data. This includes tailored reporting on your exposure to different industries, geographies, currencies or other trackable metrics chosen by you, delivered in a style and format that’s suited to your needs and preferences.

You can also depend on us to provide not just an accurate overview of performance, but an independent and consistent one. We’ll carry out key tasks such as reconciling and interrogating investor reporting, analysing reported net asset value and recalculating your share of the fund, using a common approach across your entire portfolio.

And in keeping with our relationship-based approach, our qualified accountants will be on hand to discuss any issues and trends arising in your portfolio. You’ll experience first-hand that our service is about much more than collating data, but helping you to make more informed investment decisions.


Receive comprehensive reporting based on data obtained from multiple sources, including investor notices, financial statements, quarterly reports and cash flows.

Track revenue, EBIT/EBITDA, net debt or other measures at portfolio company level.

Analyse the underlying portfolio by sector, country, vintage or any metric recorded.

Anticipate requirements through custom-made cash flow management.

Receive tailored portfolio reporting on a quarterly, monthly or daily basis.

Build dashboard reports in line with your specific reporting requirements.

Ensure scheme-level compliance with company and portfolio restrictions.

Track the fees you are being charged by managers.

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