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Institutional Investors at the Aztec Group

Introduced by Metz Vara,
Group Head of Investor Services

From the initial on-boarding and structuring of new investment positions to day-to-day administration and performance monitoring, we provide a full outsourcing solution to institutional investors seeking specialist expertise in alternative investments.

Whether you’re a pension fund, insurance company, family office, sovereign wealth fund or any other type of institutional investor, your ultimate goal will be to provide a return for your clients or investors.

You’ll know that making this happen is about much more than simply choosing the right investments. Everything needs to run smoothly behind the scenes, and this means accurate reporting, reliable data, the timely execution of requests and having consistent systems you can depend on.

At the Aztec Group, we have extensive experience in working with institutional investors across alternative investment asset classes, providing a range of award-winning services to support the administration, structuring and performance monitoring of investment portfolios. Whatever your requirements, we’ll find an approach that’s right for you.

What are you looking to achieve?

Your investments

Outsource your administration and accounting

We will work with you to establish a solution that enhances your service model and delivers continuity for you and your investors. Learn more.

Receive detailed reporting on your portfolio’s underlying investments

We can provide you with relevant and varied insight into how a fund’s underlying investments are performing, to enhance your toolkit to make investment decisions. Learn more.

Structure your investment interests

Whether you require an SPV or a more specialised arrangement, we draw on our extensive network of offices and solutions to guide you. Learn more.

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