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Responsibility. From our roots in the Channel Islands to our European, UK and US hubs, giving back to our communities and our people has always been a central part of our story.

As a business with more than 2,000 people in six jurisdictions, we recognise that our actions have an impact on the communities that we live in – and we can choose for that impact to be a positive one. From volunteering to support local educational initiatives to raising money for our chosen charities and organising annual sports events, we aim to give back to the people and communities that support us.

Responsibility is also about taking care of our people. Our employees provide a premium service to our clients, with a level of dedication that keeps those clients highly satisfied. By providing our people with health and wellbeing support, and by promoting diversity in our workforce and inclusive opportunities for all to reach their full potential, we aim to bring our people together and empower them to act with responsibility in everything they do.

Ultimately, we find responsible actions to be extremely rewarding – not only for our communities and our chosen charitable causes, but also for our people.

At Aztec we take our commitment to the diversity and inclusion of our teams seriously and believe that every colleague brings valued knowledge and experience. As part of that commitment, we are publishing our UK Gender Pay Gap Report for 2023.

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