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    December 06, 2022


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      James Gow
      Group Managing Director - Markets

    Solving the ESG data challenge

    According to our recent Differentiation Through Data market survey, 97% of managers surveyed said they take the availability of ESG data in their investment decisions seriously.

    In this podcast episode, we discuss the challenges and obstacles managers are facing in providing ESG data to investors and regulators, how a lack of standardisation is making ESG benchmarking more difficult, and the effect regulation has had on ESG data collection and distribution.

    This episode features:

    • Host: James Gow, Chief Client Officer – Aztec Group
    • Maria Liby-Troein, Associate Partner – Bain & Company
    • Lise Alm, Chief Strategy Officer – WorldFavor

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    James Gow

    Group Managing Director - Markets

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