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    November 19, 2021

    Relocating with the Aztec Group

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a career and a life in a new country? Well, a number of our people made their move to Luxembourg.

    Here are a few stories from Sian, Mario and Niklas who provide an insight into their relocation journey.


    Sian – Client Relationship Manager

    Tell us a bit about yourself?

    I grew up in a small town in the Highlands of Scotland. After studying Combined Social Sciences with Criminology at university, I worked at a solicitor’s office focusing on property sales. Although I enjoyed it, I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do forever. I have always been ambitious and wanted to see the world, so when my fiancé was offered a job in Luxembourg I was excited to join him and packed up for a new adventure!


    What attracted you to the Aztec Group?

    I’d had interviews with a few other companies but nothing felt quite right. My fiancé was working for the Group so I knew they had a great training programme and were committed to progressing employees within the company, and this really appealed to me. I joined the Aztec Group as a Junior Fund Administrator in 2017 and immediately started taking advantage of the training offered by the in-house Aztec Academy. I’ve attended courses across a range of subjects from private equity, Luxembourg tax and VAT laws to running board meetings. In 2018 I was promoted to Fund Administrator, and less than a year later to Senior Fund Administrator. After completing the ICSA chartered administrator qualification, I am now a Client Relationship Manager.

    How easy was it to settle into life in a new country?

    I was surprised how easy it was to integrate into life here, and the Aztec Group played a big role in that. The company is English speaking whilst many others in Luxembourg are primarily French speaking and require fluency in another language, so that made everything much easier for a start! I quickly discovered a busy calendar of social events, which made it easy to build friendships. My fiancé is a rugby player and you will normally find me standing on the side lines cheering on the team (come rain or shine!), so becoming part of the local community also helped me settle in.


    Mario – Senior Fund Administrator

    Tell us a bit about yourself and why you moved to Luxembourg?

    I grew up in Athens and went to university there, gaining my Master’s degree in economics and business strategy. I was keen to try living and working elsewhere, and Luxembourg seemed like a great place for expats. I also knew I wanted to work in the finance sector, so applied to join the Group in Luxembourg.


    What were your first impressions of Luxembourg?

    When I first arrived in Luxembourg, I was blown away by the city centre; the different levels of the city with the modern buildings contrasting with the classic architecture creates a unique environment. There is beautiful countryside here too which is never far away, so it’s easy to escape the city if you want a change of scenery. Luxembourg is located in the centre of Europe with fantastic travel links, and this makes it easy to discover new places every weekend in the surrounding countries.

    What do you enjoy most about your job?

    The Aztec Group is an international company with employees from all around the world. We have over 70 different nationalities and almost as many languages in one office and as a result, the working environment is very different to anywhere I’ve ever worked before. I have made so many friends here and I think that’s because of how closely we work and socialise as a team. Having this support network helps a lot if you feel like you’re missing home!

    Niklas – Business Development Executive

    Tell us a bit about yourself and why you moved to Luxembourg?

    I’m from Stockholm and I have a Master’s degree in business administration from Linköping University. After graduation I worked for a few large banks in Sweden, but I really wanted to work in an international environment. I liked the fact Luxembourg is so well located for travel to other European countries. We are within two hours of most major European capitals, so it’s easy to get away for the weekend if you want to. I joined the Aztec Group here in March 2019.


    The job market is very competitive; what attracted you to the Aztec Group?

    The Group’s focus on continued professional development really appealed to me. You’re encouraged to study for professional qualifications, and the in-house Aztec Academy provides a huge variety of both technical and soft skills training. It’s possible to progress your career here very quickly if you have the willingness to study and work hard, and this was very attractive to me.

    What do you enjoy most about your job?

    I haven’t been bored for a second since I started! Every day is different, and you’re encouraged to continue to deepen your skills and knowledge within your field. It’s not just professional development either – there are language courses on offer too, which really helps with personal growth and settling in. I have colleagues from every continent in my department. Working daily among so many cultures is amazing, you can really learn so much about the world.

    Are you looking to make a move to a new company that will support you throughout your career?

    At the Aztec Group your journey is our journey. 

    View all our current vacancies here.

    If you have any questions call our HR Team on +44 1534 833017 (for Channel Islands and UK) or +352 246 160 6139 (for Luxembourg), or +1 610 947 0580 (for the US) or email


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