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Portfolio Administration Services

Introduced by Jim Whittingham,

While alternative investment allocations in your portfolio may require a different scope of oversight, you’ll still want to ensure that they are subject to the same high standard of accounting, administration and reporting as your mainstream assets. This means accuracy of data, clarity of information and timeliness of delivery.

At the Aztec Group, our approach is based entirely around the needs of the client. From the systems we use and the style and frequency of reporting, to the control framework we build around you, it’s all about what works best for our clients. And if that means making changes to your portfolio programmes or altering the way your financial statements are presented, we’ll work with you to make this happen as seamlessly as possible.

Our award-winning accounting and administration platform can also be delivered alongside our comprehensive Advanced Portfolio Services. This provides you with data on all of your underlying investments, together with the insights and expertise of a dedicated team of technical specialists – everything you need to make more informed investment decisions.


  • On-boarding of new fund managers
  • Compliance review of capital call funding requests
  • Monitoring and accounting for distributions
  • Reporting for cash flow management
  • Management of portfolio changes
  • Management of bank accounts
  • Investment accounting
  • Tailored financial reporting for your schemes

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