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With business growth, comes opportunities to develop your career

With business growth, comes opportunities to develop your career

Following Aztec’s expansion into Ireland, Laetitia is ready for her secondment making the move from Luxembourg to Ireland. What does she look forward to and how does this move fit into her long-term goals? Read on to find out!

What motivated you to take up the opportunity to move to Aztec’s new Ireland office?

I was already looking at what I could do within and with Aztec to develop my career and support the growth of not only my team, but the whole private debt department. I was also looking for a challenge which would motivate and push me outside of my comfort zone.

Joining and supporting the opening of the new Ireland office was the answer!

What are you most looking forward to and what does this mean to you?

I look forward to all and any aspects of this challenge!

Personally, I will have to adjust to living away from my husband and sons ؘ– who are both at university. I have been working in Luxembourg for 25 years, commuting each day from the French border, my native country, so this is sure to bring new experiences!

On the professional side, it will be a challenge to leave the comfort of working with my team – my extended family as I consider them. I look forward to creating the same connection with my new Ireland-based team who I know will share the same Aztec values.

How do you plan to stay connected with your colleagues in Luxembourg while working in Ireland?

The implications of COVID-19 accelerated our tech abilities which provided us the flexibility to work anywhere. We can work, organise team deliverables and collaborate as efficiently as we could in-person and we can also create and develop relationships without having conversations over the coffee machine! So, I have no concerns over losing connections.

And how do you think existing Aztec members moving to that new office plays a role?

I consider Aztec values to be the foundation of our business. We act as brand ambassadors, demonstrating that our values are not only words, but are our guiding principles.

How do you see this secondment fitting into your long-term career goals within Aztec?

I see myself working with Aztec for a long time and this secondment is another step in my career. I am proud to be part of the set-up and development of the new Kilkenny office and look forward to all the future opportunities to come.

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