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Private Credit

Introduced by Kevin Hogan,
Head of Fund Services Ireland and
Group Head of Private Credit

From partnering with clients who provide unsecured financing to small and mid-cap corporates to those taking asset backed positions in real estate and infrastructure, we deliver outsourced solutions to a number of leading private credit fund managers.

Whether you have a sponsored or unsponsored approach to sourcing deals, provide senior, second lien or mezzanine loans, or hold a mixture of credit, equity and derivative positions, you can always depend on us to take care of your fund administration and structuring needs.

Our experienced credit team will support the investment and divestment process, perform the interest and fee calculations, manage cash flow and deal with a broad range of other complex administration and accounting requirements. We’ll also work alongside your advisors to help structure your credit instruments in the most efficient manner possible, using SPVs and other innovative corporate vehicles.

And whatever your size, structure or investment profile, you can also rely on our knowledgeable staff and legal, compliance and technical specialists to find answers to the most challenging questions on the latest regulatory matters, whether it be in relation to FATCA, AIFMD, the Common Reporting Standard or anything else.

It’s this kind of experience and expertise, combined with our multi-jurisdictional capabilities, market-leading systems and award-winning services, which has made us the bright alternative in fund and corporate services.

What are you looking to achieve?

Your funds

Outsource or migrate your administration or investor services
We will work with you to establish a solution that not only enhances your existing service model, but delivers continuity for you and your investors. Learn more.

Structure your investments and carried interest
Whether you require an SPV or a more complicated arrangement involving multiple entities and jurisdictions, we can draw on our extensive network of offices and solutions to help you achieve your goals. Learn more.

Establish a management company
From directors and company secretaries to compliance and risk professionals, we can provide you with a comprehensive management company solution. Learn more.

Appoint an independent depositary to your funds
Our specialist depositary team has extensive experience in providing depositary solutions that are compliant with AIFMD and other relevant national legislation. Learn more.

Receive detailed reporting on your portfolio’s underlying investments
We provide fund of funds managers with deep insight into the performance of portfolio companies, enabling them to make more informed investment decisions. Learn more.

Your employees

Appoint a trustee, nominee or administrator to manage your incentive plan
Using trusts, companies, nominee arrangements and other vehicles in leading jurisdictions, we can administer a range of share and pension plans tailored to your unique requirements. Learn more.

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