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    July 29, 2022


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      Richard Anthony
      Head of Real Assets - Jersey

    Demystifying Parallel Fund Structures

    In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in popularity towards parallel fund structures among private markets fund managers. These structures provide managers with the opportunity to raise more capital through multi-jurisdictional solutions.

    Parallel fund structures are able to attract a larger pool of investors by offering bespoke solutions, adapted to investors’ specific tax and risk profiles, while still investing in their chosen portfolio of assets.

    In this guide, we will outline how parallel fund structures work, the benefits and operational complexities associated with running these structures, and how an operational provider like Aztec can help you to set up and administer parallel fund structures.

    Download the full guide here:


    What we’ll cover in this guide:

    • How parallel fund structures work
    • The benefits and the operational complexities of parallel fund structures
    • The role of an operational provider


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    To discover for yourself what makes us the bright alternative and how we can support, please contact Richard Anthony, our Head of Real Assets - Jersey.


    Richard Anthony

    Head of Real Assets - Jersey

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