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June 21, 2017


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    Ganash Lokanathen
    Head of Private Equity - Luxembourg

Venture capital

What makes us the bright alternative?

Every business starts somewhere. There’s always a first client through the door and, in our case, that client was a venture capital fund promoter. 15 years on and we’re proud to be working side-by-side with that very same client and a number of other promoters that have invested in promising companies that have gone on to become household names.

What this means for your firm, in the venture capital space, is that you can be confident that we know and understand your sector. We know how different you are from traditional private equity investors – you’re smaller in size, nimble by nature, and invest in bright ideas and fledgling companies.

A nimble and flexible approach for a fast-paced industry

Your industry is fast-moving and dynamic, and you need your service provider to be able to match your pace of investment and be ready to help you capitalise on new opportunities in short timeframes. Board meetings can be frequent, and called at short notice, so you need a partner that can be responsive and available at the drop of a hat.

Your business, like many of our venture capital clients, will be set up to do what you do best – to make investment decisions, and to make them quickly and efficiently. That’s why outsourcing the operational aspects makes sense.

For us, though, it’s not just about providing accounting, SPV administration or any other form of service. It needs to run deeper than that. If, for example, you have a lean and focused business model, you probably won’t have your own in-house legal counsel or technical teams – that’s an area where you’re looking for your service provider to add value, to offer guidance on the latest legal or regulatory developments affecting your business, and to take that burden away from you.

Accountants that do more than just accounting

You’ll also want our accountants to do more than just accounting. Your Aztec teams will advise on best practice investor reporting requirements, assist in account preparation and guide you through year-end audits.

An efficient model that works for you

Appreciating the pressures of a relatively low capital level per investment, you’ll need legal, accounting and related costs to be as efficient as possible. We work with our venture capital clients to build an efficient model, using our experience of best practice and standardised core processes to keep costs down. Clients also benefit from reduced costs associated with new regulations, as the burden is shared across our entire client base, leaving you with a reduced share to pay.

Technology is naturally important to you, so you’ll be reassured to hear we only use the best. We’ve developed an in-house Financial Systems team who work in partnership with clients to tailor our industry-leading systems to suit your specific reporting requirements.

One size doesn’t fit all

These are just a few of our experiences and insights into working with venture capital firms just like you. One size doesn’t fit all – we know this. Every firm is different, but what we can do is combine our partnership-based approach with over 15 years’ experience of working with some of Europe’s best known venture capital firms to find a solution that’s right for you.

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Want to talk?

To discover for yourself what makes us the bright alternative and how we can support, please contact Ganash Lokanathen, our Head of Private Equity - Luxembourg.


Ganash Lokanathen

Head of Private Equity - Luxembourg

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