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Joseph’s life at Aztec…
so far

When did you join the Aztec Group?

I joined Aztec on 1 June 2020.

Why did you join the Aztec Group?

When I was looking for a new position, I saw the news that Aztec had won the Best Fund Administrator award. I was also hearing how great the work culture was which ended up being one of the main draws for joining.

Prior to working in the Funds Administration industry, I was an external auditor. During that time, I was able to audit a group of funds where half were administered by Aztec, so I was able to see first-hand the client-centric approach Aztec takes and this left a really positive impression.

What were your first impressions after joining?

First impressions of Aztec were how warm and welcoming everyone was. A week before my start date, a video call was arranged with two members of the team for a virtual meet-and-greet. I found this a very nice gesture as they made feel very comfortable before I had even started.

What is a highlight in your Aztec career to-date?

So far, I would consider my transition into my current role my career highlight to-date. I was made the main point of contact on accounting matters in one of the two private debt teams which gives me the opportunity to further enhance my management responsibilities and cultivate relationships across the team and with the clients. I am enjoying the challenge in this role as it contributes significantly to my professional development.

What is important to you in an employer?

The thing that I always look for in an employer, apart from maintaining the highest standards of quality, is the welfare of their people, not just within work but also outside. I can see that at Aztec.

Aztec always make their people feel that they are supported – both in their professional and personal life. One way Aztec do this is through social events which run throughout the year which gives everyone some down time to enjoy themselves outside work. However, my favourite offering is the health and wellbeing support given to everyone.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career with Aztec?

My advice would be to take charge of your own career. I realised after working for over 12 years that the most important thing you should research when finding a job is the people and work culture. The culture that you expose yourself to will create a lasting impact in your work style and work attitude. For a working individual, you spend most of your hours in a day and most of your days in a week at work, so it’s very important that you are happy with your career choice.


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