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    August 30, 2022


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      Matt Horton
      Group Head of Private Equity
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      James Duffield
      Group Head of Business Development

    Real Deals Roundtable: Power to the LP

    Investors are exerting more influence than ever before over processes, reporting and operations of private equity managers.

    In a roundtable hosted by Real Deals, The Drawdown and Aztec Group, a panel of private equity advisers and CFOs including our own James Duffield, Head of Business Development, and Matt Horton, Group Co-Head of Private Equity, discussed how fund managers are adapting to evolving LP requirements.

    Download the full guide here


    What we’ll cover in this guide:

    • How have expectations in the LP/GP relationship developed in recent years?
    • How has the rise of ESG considerations impacted managers?
    • How does data fit into the LP discussion?


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    Want to talk?

    To discover for yourself what makes us the bright alternative and how we can support, please contact Matt Horton, our Group Head of Private Equity.


    Matt Horton

    Group Head of Private Equity

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