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  • Introducing Aztec Verify – streamlined onboarding for clients and investors  
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    September 27, 2022

    Introducing Aztec Verify – streamlined onboarding for clients and investors  

    Delivering faster and more secure approvals, Aztec Verify allows for a comprehensive but frictionless due diligence process, allowing you to move forward with your investment plans on a timescale that works for you. 

    Due diligence should be a quick, efficient and robust process. One that not only provides as little disruption and inconvenience as possible to you and your clients, but also ensures full regulatory compliance while mitigating any information security or other risks you may face during the establishment of your fund or other structures.  

    Aztec Verify offers an integrated solution that consolidates the market’s leading technology into one service, streamlining the due diligence and verification process. It allows you to proceed with your fund and onboarding investment activity as quickly as possible, while making the experience as painless as possible for your clients and investors. Here’s a summary of the core benefits: 

    Faster approvals

    Harnessing the power of technology to deliver fast and efficient approvals

    Secure, on demand access

    Accessing of data and documents, available 24/7 for investors and clients through a secure portal

    Information updated in real time

    Providing clients and investors with real time updates on their verifications and declarations

    Enhanced risk management

    Handling client due diligence securely with cutting edge data and verification tools

    Specialist expertise

    You’ll be fully supported by our expert teams at every stage

    Aztec Group Chief Risk Officer, Rylee Muddle, said: “The AML and due diligence regulatory landscape continues to evolve, presenting our industry with a growing list of obligations and requirements. However, the goal for clients and investors remains the same – achieve full compliance, while being well positioned to proceed with their investment strategy quickly and efficiently.

    “Aztec Verify uses best-in-class technology to minimise the administrative burden, reducing manual processes and enabling us to streamline the entire process.”

    Aztec Group Chief Technology Officer, Charlotte Light, said: “Our business is, first and foremost, about providing a highly tailored experience for our clients that adds genuine value to their back-office operations. Continuous investment in technology and innovation plays a key role in our ability to continue delivering that service to the high standard that our clients have come to know and expect.

    “Enhancing our onboarding process was the next logical step for us – it’s often one of the first points of interaction an investor has with a fund manager, and can therefore set the tone for the rest of the relationship.

    “Our clients look to us to provide a first-class investor experience, with as little hassle as possible, and combining the expertise of our specialist teams with market-leading technology makes it a reality.”

    To discover more about Aztec Verify, please contact James Duffield, our Head of Business Development on For press enquiries, please contact Sophie Morgan on

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