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Charles Swainston,
Head of IT Applications


After 10 years at a local IT services company, Charles was looking for a change and wanted to bring back the work life balance. Soon after hearing about the Aztec Group and meeting people who already worked here, Charles knew it was a move in the right direction and joined the Group as a Systems Integration Developer.

Leading the design and implementation of the systems integration strategy, Charles became Head of IT Applications in 2014. Considering the Group’s strong organic growth, especially over the last few years, Charles reflects on the approach we have taken in developing and deploying our technologies. “We deal with the systems behind our services in a different way. We invest people in our technology, not just money and we’re willing to look at alternatives and embrace change. This is why most systems and technologies we have in place are generally a step ahead.”

Commenting on how the Group has managed to keep onto its bright alternative approach and replicate it across different jurisdictions, Charles reflects: “We’re not carbon copies and everyone has their own specific skill sets and personalities, but we do share the same commitment to getting the job done. This stands out when you meet people across the different offices; we’re all dynamic and energetic about what we do.”

“Charles has an extensive knowledge of all things IT and always ensures a collaborative approach is used to finding a workable solution. Combined with an enormous dose of humility, these attributes make him a great colleague to work with.” – Tania Duncan, Head of Marketing

With a background in ethnography, Charles pinpoints why the Group’s culture isn’t the norm: “Job titles and seniority aren’t a barrier to how we interact with each other at Aztec. There’s respect for the information, opinions and ideas shared at every level, which creates a unique culture and epitomises the desirable open door policy companies strive to achieve.”

Charles is a member of the British Computer Society and holds various graduate and post-graduate qualifications, including BA (Hons), MA, MSc & PhD.

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