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Edward Moore,
Chair of the Group Board

Edward, co-founder of the Group and man at the helm, drives the passion each of us have not only to deliver award-winning services, but to create valued client relationships behind them.

After studying Law at Nottingham and practising in London, Edward moved to Jersey in 1998. A few years in Jersey’s private equity industry sparked his desire to develop an alternative way of administering funds. “There was consolidation in the marketplace by service providers. They saw acquiring administrators as a means of leveraging their other services, but this resulted in service levels dropping, staff retention falling and the clients weren’t happy.”

Seeing a gap in the market for quality fund administration as a stand-alone offering rather than bolt on function to a multi service business, Edward co-founded the Group in 2001. Since its inception, the Group’s focus has been on building effective long term client relationships. Edward reflects: “Once you have the right people in place to build a genuine working relationship with the clients, the rest is simple. Our success comes down to the determination of the staff we have across our company.”

“What you see is what you get with Edward. Quite clearly he is not a corporate man. He is refreshingly straightforward, inclusive, always open to new ideas from everyone and sets the tone accordingly.” – James Duffield, Head of Business Development

Although now Group Chair of a company with over 1,900 employees, most would agree Edward doesn’t conform to the usual executive stereotype. Down to earth, yet ironically holding a pilot’s licence, Edward’s unique character is reflected in the ‘bright alternative’ strategy of the business. Since the start we’ve held onto this, and successfully replicated it in each of our offices.

Our ‘bright alternative’ strategy, which is echoed in all of the employees at the Group, doesn’t just create the standard culture companies strive to achieve, but offers a unique place to work, learn and develop. Edward reflects: “It isn’t just the focus on staff development, but all the extra opportunities we create to strengthen as a team that we place great value on. From us all getting together to celebrate our achievements, to our inter-office marathon teams raising money for local charities. The personality of Aztec shines through our staff and we are very mindful of nurturing this.”

This type of culture can’t be forced, it can only be grown and nurtured from the actions and behaviours of the team. It’s these values we all share that spark our desire to improve continuously, and resonate in the service our staff provide and relationships we build.

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