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Metz Vara,
Head of Investor Services

As Head of Investor Services, Metz’s focus is on building relationships with our largest clients, enhancing our current footprint and overseeing a range of services to meet the needs of this important segment.

Based in the UK, Metz leverages his extensive knowledge of private equity funds and the LP landscape, working closely with institutional investors globally.

Background and experience

Metz is a highly qualified accounting and financial services professional with over 17 years’ experience, with specialised expertise in venture capital and private equity. Before joining Aztec as Head of Institutional Investors, Metz was a Director for Permira Advisors where he led all internal financing activities, liquidity analysis and partner analysis. Prior to this, Metz was Head of Accounting for SoftBank Investment Advisers where he built, developed, and managed the global accounting and Procedure-to-Pay function both internally and for its funds.

Big Four trained, Metz has a background in PE management and fund administration, with knowledge spanning across various financial accounting systems including IFRS, UK GAAP and AICPA. With experience in implementing and overseeing several PE systems including Anaplan, Carter, Couper, iLevel, eFront and NetSuite, Metz also possesses strong skills in building, developing and effectively running finance functions.

Qualifications and professional affiliations

  • Fellow of the Association of Chartered Accountants
  • BSc (Hons) Degree in Accounting and Financial Management from Loughborough University

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